For 30 years, Illuminating Concepts' procurement team has maintained, protected and ensured clients’ interests throughout the procurement and installation process.

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IC’s proven relationships and methodologies reduce risk, motivate cost savings and ensure proper design requirements are being delivered per the established design documentation. The IC team provides real-time budget analysis of the design as it moves through the development and bidding process.

A direct relationship between IC's design and procurement teams allows for close monitoring of project costs and product specifications. The IC procurement team is able to continually validate pricing, check availability of specifications and facilitate overall budget reviews through all phases of the design. Sourcing, warranty and maintainability are critically analyzed prior to finalizing all specifications.

The IC procurement department provides a single source location for owners and contractors to obtain every fixture as designed for the project. This streamlined approach means less coordination time in the field and ensures the intent of design is met. Unlike typical warehouse style distribution, the IC procurement team has full time electrical contractors and engineers to ensure field coordination and support throughout the logistics and installation of a project.

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