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Illuminating Concepts hires 12 as it launches new outdoor multimedia

(Originally published in Metro Mode Media, November 3, 2011)
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By Jon Zemke

Illuminating Concepts has kept hiring up via the release of new lighting display and media products.

The 30-year-old firm has hired a dozen people over the last year, expanding its staff to 50 employees, a handful of independent contractors, and an intern or three.

"We're building new spaces for nine more [employees]," says Ron Harwood, Illuminating Concepts' CEO. "For a small company, that's large growth."

The Farmington Hills-based company's work is internationally known. It has recently finished a project in London's financial district, and is working on another construction project in Turin, Italy, and a few casinos in China.

Illuminating Concepts also recently debuted a new outdoor ambiance project in Farmington Hills, called Intellistreets. The outdoor media showcase includes audio technology on light poles in historic areas. It can be used to communicate with pedestrians. The new system also lets city officials know if a light pole is in need of repair, and it can reduce electric usage by dimming when no one is around.

"We expect it to be worth several hundreds of millions of dollars in new business in the next few years," Harwood says.

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