Illuminating Concepts is a full service lighting and multimedia design firm that specializes in the creation of memorable environments worldwide.

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IC's collaborative process begins with a kick-off meeting with the architectural and design teams to gain a detailed understanding of the project team composition, design direction, goals and aspirations. IC utilizes this information as the basis for our in-house team charrette sessions to develop appropriate project-wide lighting and multimedia concepts. These concepts are illustrated by our visualization studio utilizing existing renderings & animations or produced in-house and presented to the project design team for approval.

IC has Project management professionals (PMP) on staff to oversee and facilitate project planning. All IC work is done in house to ensure accurate integration of lighting and multimedia into the overall design. For example, while our design team is exploring concepts and site conditions our production department will be setting up drawings and developing project standards. At an early stage, IC's Systems Design and Integration Department (SDI) will be examining all current control methodologies and strategies to allow for smooth integration with pertinent requirements. Throughout our 30 year history, IC consistently develops control systems that centralize the command of all lighting and multimedia for our projects.

Our pragmatic work ethos is centered on delivering durable & creative designs that wherever possible utilize simple methods to achieve the greatest impact. Within IC's facility we have multiple fully fitted workshops, mock up and test areas that allow for complete validation of all design solutions, which in turn can be shipped to the site for review in situ by the project teams. This quick turn around testing approach has proved invaluable in validating design solutions prior to construction.

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